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Money's 2006 New York Giants Offseason Plan -- 02/20/06


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I agree on both points. I don't think Whittle gets cut if Seubert can't handle the #2 center slot.


I also agree that Torbor, while being more athletic than Emmons, still isn't the playmaking type I'd want to see manning the weak side long term. I'm simply pointing out that I do think Torbor is equipped to handle WLB if it came down to it.


This WLB spot is an area that if filled properly, with a dynamic playmaking type, could reap huge benefits for this defense. Look at where we were before Antonio Pierce was signed. Now imagine if we had a similarly talented guy on the outside who could wreak havoc. I'm not donw with my LB research but I've got to say, at this point Ernie Sims in round one wouldn't upset me.

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I think this is a nice piece of work: comprehensive.


This should be a call to action for all of our posters as to what quality can be.


I don't necessarily agree with all of the assessments, but it is well thought out and well presented.


We should all strive to match the quality of thought in this post, since we have so much junk on this board as well as any other.

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