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Some positive comments on Charlie Peprah from the East/West Shrine week coverage


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Shrine Game: East Practice


By: Brent Foshee

TFY Draft Preview

Date: Jan 16, 2006



"Alabama safety Charlie Peprah was the class of the defensive backs. Peprah displayed an explosive break on the ball and showed great speed in all directions. Pittsburgh defensive back Josh Lay showed a nice recovery but was a half step slow in reacting to the routes. Army defensive back Dhyan Tarver had difficulty in transition and was badly beaten by double moves several times. Dion Byrum, from Ohio, also had difficulty staying in his backpedal and appeared to be more of a side shuffler."






Tuesday' Shrine Practice: East


By: Brent Foshee

TFY Draft Preview

Date: Jan 17, 2006


"Charlie Peprah remains the best defensive back on the East squad. Peprah not only is impressing as a safety during scrimmage but he is getting beat less in man coverage drills than most of the cornerbacks in attendance. Dion Byrum showed good closing speed today and though he is susceptible to double moves he does have the speed to stay with the receiver down the field. Nate Salley, though physically impressive, is not using his size properly and does not make a play on the ball when it’s in the air. Louisville defensive back Gerrick McPhearson is fundamentally sound and fast. McPhearson also does a nice job of getting his hands on the ball before the receiver can control it. "

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