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Name 5 players you would like the see the Giants get at 96...


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watson, lewis or babino better be our pick....


If all three are there Watson would be the best pick....



...He is 330 pounds...put him in the middle of line and let the fat guy be a fat guy


we are seven picks away.....one of them will reach us...hopefully

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Mahelona is a big no no in my book....he is a pass rusher and that is it...he gets pushed around and manhandled the few times I watched him...if we are taking a DT it needs to be Watson, Babatunde, Montavious Stanley or Le Kevin Smith...someone to play that two-gap spot....



Mahelona V.S. Watson


draw your own conclusion

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Guest Nutty Sack
Well its almost our pick and we should have our choice of a few different DT's.






thats my order.



Ernie will pick a long snapper.

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