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Clint Sintim Vs Sinorice Moss


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Who's the bigger 2nd round bust?


I'd say Sintim because atleast Moss played beyond his rookie deal and didn't get cut. Plus I actually thought whenever Moss was at WR he was fairly ok in limited action.


Sintim just hasnt done it. 3 injury plagued seasons and he's out. He's a poor mans Vernon Gholston.


Hopefully He gets a shot somewhere again. (Sintim)

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I was really excited to see how Sintim would pan out....he was good in college and we hadn't spent an early round pick on a linebacker in years (don't hold me to that, it just feels that way to me, I could be wrong)....and he really never did anything, I don't remember seeing him on the field hardly at all. Not even in preseason, he was just injured so much that no one has any idea how good he is or could be....


So I go with Sintim, just because he never flashed, he didn't make any glaring mistakes and wasn't necessarily in any coach's dog house---he was just never able to make it to the field....and being that he was a 2nd round draft pick....that made no impact whatsoever....and is still a completely unknown commodity that, to my knowledge, wasn't even looked at by another team after he was cut by us...he gets the slight edge over Sinorice Loss....

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