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Early Offseason Thoughts


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Ok... Still basking in the joy of our 4th Super Bowl victory, but looking ahead we have some question marks.


Both Ballard and Beckum went down with serious knee injuries. Beckum (due to the recovery time) is already a goner for the 2012 season. I'm not sure about Ballard, because I don't know how long it takes to return from a torn meniscus (sp?). Obviously that makes TE a concern going forward.


At WR we have Super Mario as a free agent and Cruz and Nicks are both underpaid. From what I read, I believe we will be $3Million over the cap at the start of the offseason. Imo its critical that we keep these guys together. I read somewhere that Manningham want to stay a Giant, but I wouldn't blame him for leaving if he gets an insane offer from somewhere else.


Another question is going to be our OLine. What do we do about KM? What happens with Diehl when Beatty comes back into the lineup? Is Boothe good enough to stay as our starting LG?


What happens with Osi? I can't stand his me-first attitude, but the fact remains that our DLine was much better with him playing than without. Canty and Joseph stepped up during the run. Will Marvin Austin be able to make an impact when he returns?


Blackburn had BETTER be on this team next year unless Reese wants an angry mob at his front door.


The only good thing to come out of T2 being injured is WHEN he was injured. The question is, will he be able to return to his former playing level? Will Ross remain with the team? Is Prince up to the task of starting is Ross is gone and T2 isn't ready?


That's all I have for now.

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I'll start with OLine


KMacet go

Diehl to Rt

Boothe stays put at LG or maybe Petrus

Bass and Snee stay put

Beatty, Brewer or a high pick for LT

Boothe and Petrus can play.


I agree that this could definitely be the way to go, but still think we'd need to address the line in the draft for depth purposes. This is also assuming that Beatty comes back from his eye injury unscathed.


As for the TE...I think Ballard stays and Beckum gets released. It'll kinda be a shitty thing to do, but Beckum wasn't exactly lighting it up before his injury. He's been serviceable at best. A number of mocks I've seen have us taking a TE in the first anyhow, so we'll see. With a full offseason and a desire to learn/succeed...and with Eli, I think a 1st round pick could step in fairly quickly.


As for WR, I think we need to make a serioius offer for Manningham. We can't break the bank for him though. I am not up on our current players' 2012/2013 cap hits, but I have to believe that McKenzie will create some room cap-wise if he's released. If either Nicks or Cruz throws an I want more campaign, I'll lose an awful lot of respect for them for placing the themselves before the team, an attitude contrary to what's gotten them a SB ring.

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