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If your not listening to Don LaGreca,and Amani Toomer on ESPN tune in


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I never heard a more enjoyable sports call in show so much


Both think Teddy Bruschi is off his rocker along with Chris (Pompous AXX) Carter

both jumping on Chad Ochocinco with both feet for praising his own team?????


Joe Namath called in and agreed.....gotta love Broadway Joe and Joe loves all things NY.


Namath BTW is a closet Giants fan saying "I sure HOPE they win Monday night"


Amani Toomer is a fantastic football analyst and telling things you never hear anywhere else


Toomer not touching the 3rd rail and criticizing Eli or Coughy but he stepped all over Mark Sanchize


A caller criticized Shottenheimer for "broadcasting pass" by going in the shotgun


Toomer corrected him saying the Giants ran out of the shotgun with Tiki when they saw 6 in the box and passed when they saw 7 or more in the box........it was automatic and Tiki gained many many yds using that formula


in one game Tiki gained over 200 yds on the Eagles running from the shotgun according to Amani.


One has to ask why Bradshaw cannot gain ground out of the shotgun draw.......perhaps he is not the guy to run the shotgun draw


Years ago we had a runner tony Galbreath who averaged around 9-15 yds on3rd down QB draws......or maybe Eli is somehow not disguising the draw.....very possible :confused:

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