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Did Rex Ryan really call Tom Brady a DORK?????


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I hate to admit it but he is kind of..........that stupid grin and hair, getting all upset when we ripped him up in the SB HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!


and I have to admit Eli has a bit of Dork in him too


BUT HE'S OUR DORK :05-mafia:


Eli that is not Tom <_<


Thanks for the link.

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but as far as dorks go, the dog guesses eli would be an "elite" dork, right joe?

you know thats the public Eli


I hear he's quite the prankster in private


He's the one who asked Captain SourPuss If he could quote him on the remark "you can kiss my ass"

I thought that was Eli starting to step out of his shell a bit

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I think Cromartie called him an asshole.


Also "fuck him". But the response from NE was epic. Not only did Welker drop foot references in every response he gave to the media the other day but the NE staff sent Tawmmy from Quinzee to interrupt the Jets team meeting. Full transcript here


Oh and as much as I am sick of the Jets right now this Post cover is epic.



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Yeah man....told you D.Vader is Belichick....lol...and he will eventually give up the Dark Side that is NE and return to the Light Side...the Giants..


I'm telling you they screwed up. Shoulda been Brady under that helmet and Belichick as the Emperor.

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