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Auburn vs. Oregon


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I am not a Cam Newton hater, hes a special player and been fun to watch. I am a Oregon fan though and have been waiting a long time for tonight. And before you any of you call me a bandwagon jumper, I said I like Oregon at the beginning of last year. Have since Akili Smith was there :P Assholes :D




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Lord knows I try, but I cannot watch College Ball. I really don't know how pro scouts can pick pro players from this game. it has no resemblance to the pros. lamichael james looks good. that's all i can see.


Nick Fairley? He was an absolutely monster last night. He will be the 2nd pick in the draft to Denver

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That was #90... I saw one play where he went unblocked and got a sack, but he was beating blocks all night too.


if there was blocking going on at all by the ducks....

seemed like deception was their game plan.


btw, i think the groundskeeper had the under. field was in terrible condition.

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