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Hey Tom Tom move Kiwanuka back to LBer


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The Fnnn season is about to go down the tubes


HE is a force from the OLB position.....in pass protection, and especially as a 5th lineman coming from unkown angles


Merriman showed you how effective this is on a bad knee last week


No I think its worthy of a lengthy discussion because when you think about it, it is the only move we can make that can possibly save the season


otherwise we are committed to the blokes we have, and the trade deadline has passed I believe........free agents maybe....or safteys sukk, our LBers Sukk worse.......our D line is average at best


Kiwanuka was a force from the OLB position before he got hurt.....at DLE he is ehhhhhhh


what about this Simtim character.......can he play, is he healthy?

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