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Michael Jordan

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LOL!!! I am so glad someone had the balls to write this story. Between Jordan, Bird, Johnson and others....of those three I had nothing but disdain for Jordan ....Bird too...but that is for another day. Johnson was and is who he is....behind the smile you could always see that he was a very calculating individual...no ifs or buts about it. He even laughed about himself....but Jordan...Jordan was/is one of those rare individuals where everything....everything is all about him. He takes a scat....and he pulls it out of the bowl declaiming it does not stink....it can't cause it came out of me...Why or WHY CHARLES SMITH FUCKING FAGGOT ....you did not jam that fucking ball down over his fucking face when you had the chance....you let yourself get fouled and hacked by Grant, Pippen and the ultimate fuck himself Jordan. Jeff Van Gundy had it right...you are a con man. Enjoy it. :smartass:




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