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Who do the Giants draft?


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Who do the Giants draft?




Lets assume that the Giants can sign:


1. LaVar Arrington to a reasonable contract


2. Grady Jackson (or Brentson Buckner) to a reasonable contract


3. Jay Fiedler to a cheap contract (maybe)


4. William Peterson cannot play (likely an injury settlement)


(Note: These signings may require some restructuring of exisiting contracts)




Think about it, our roster would be something like:


QB: Eli Manning, Jay Fiedler, Tim Hassleback


RB: Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Chad Morton


WR: Plaxico Burress, Amani Toomer, Tim Carter, Jamaar Taylor, David Tyree


TE: Jeremy Shockey, Visanthe Shiancoe, Sean Berton


OT: Kareem McKenzie, Luke Pettitgout, Bob Whitfield


OG: Chris Snee, David Diehl, Rich Seubert


OC: Shaun O'Hara, Grey Ruegamer


DT: Grady Jackson, William Jospeh, Fred Robbins, Kendrick Allen


DE: Michael Strahan, Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Eric Moore


LB: Carlos Emmons, Antonio Pierce, LaVar Arrington, Reggie Torbor, Chase Blackburn


CB: Sam Madison, Corey Webster, RW McQuarters, Jason Bell, Curtis Deloatch


S: Willie Demps, Gibril Wilson, James Butler, Quentin Harris


K: Jay Feely


P: Jeff Feagles


LS: Ryan Kuehl




Draft Considerations:


We have good depth and talent at almost every position.


There are postions we would prefer to upgrade, but other than a backup WLB, there is no need.


This gives Ernie Accorsi and Tom Coughlin alot of flexibility come draft day, which means we will get good value talent.


We have a full seven draft picks.


With this in mind, who do we draft?

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Grady Jackson signed with the Dirtybirds I thought. If we get LaVar or not we will still be going LB in the first round. If we sign a guy like Buckner a pick could be used in the third round for more depth at the DT rotation and we could be looking at taking a corner in the second again to groom for later years. Then we may go back to linebacker in the fourth while looking at a wide reciever for the 4th-5th rounds. The next rounds would be the best player avalible at that time.

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No, we gave up our 6th rounder for Jason Whittle a year ago.


I'm almost OK with saying take the best available linebacker candidate. Normally I wouldn't go near a prediction like this but I have a hard time seeing us getting shut out from all the top linebackers. Obviously Hawk and likely Sims will be off the board. Greenway is a longshot. Ryans should be there. I'm OK with Ryans.

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I think its unlikely that we sign both Arrington and a starting caliber DT. I'm not positive, but I think it would require some restructuring of contracts which I doubt will happen. So I think it's either Arrington OR DT. Given the length of time before signing a DT, I think it's clear that the Giants have made signing LA a priority and will wait and see what happens with that situation. My gut feeling is that he gets signed eventually. He wants to come here and the Giants want to have him. It doesnt look like someone is going to give him the salary that he wants which allows us to negotiate a contract that works for us. So my draft thoughts will reflect us signing Arrington, although I dont think that it makes too much of a difference.


If we sign LA but dont get a DT, we have a need there. The problem is that it doesnt seem as if there are any DT's worth picking at 25 who won't already be taken. So that means we have to go with BPA which is a good thing. I think most likely it will be a linebacker. Here's my draft preferances in order:


Round 1: Sims, Ryans, Greenway, Carpenter. The only non-LB player that I could see us taking is Cromartie, if the FO believes that he is the BPA which is a good possibility, although I have a feeling someone will take a chance on him before 25.


Round 2: I still firmly believe that we need to add 1 quality WR to the roster before next season. I also think that this is a priority of Accorsi's since he stated so in an offseason interview and then backed it up by trying to sign Keyshawn. I think this is the round to go after a WR. There are a few options here.


Round 3: This is a good round to get value out of a DT pick. We need to add depth here before next season and there should be some solid mid-round options at DT.


Rounds 4-7: BPA regardless of the position.


Check out my mock draft in my sig. Its pretty much a list of players that fit the draft here. I need to work on some of my late round picks, but I feel that the first 4 are pretty accurate of a draft that I'd like to see.

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