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First game I've watched in a long while


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I finally decide to have a go at watching a Mets game today. Wanted to see how Pedro looks and how we would do against him. Instead, I see Ollie give up two 3-run homers in the first inning, get behind Pedro Martinez with a 3-0 count, and is subsequently yanked... I mean, he doesn't even get to finish the at bat... AGAINST PEDRO MARTINEZ. Gary Cohen summed it up best, it doesn't get any more embarrassing than that. Ollie gets a whopping 2 outs. I want to punch Minaya right in the fucking face for not signing Lowe.

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Yanking a guy at 3-0 is bs if you ask me.


How do you feel about the vote of confidence Wilpon gave Minaya and Manuel?



It's a complete joke. I have to assume that Wilpon won't make any significant move that costs him money at this point, because of the Madoff fiasco. It's why I believe the Mets didn't add payroll, didn't make any significant trades, and will probably be why Manuel and Minaya will be safe for at least the next 2 years.


Hey, I'm fine if the Wilpons want to save money. Delgado's contract is up, they won't replace him with a high dollar free agent... give the job to Murph. Buy out Castillo's and Perez's contracts. Might as well do the same with Beltran (or just trade him to the Yankees). Just replace with prospects and suck for awhile.


I think most of us Mets fans are just sick and tired of watching the same old players on the DL or underachieving every fucking year. I hope your Giants do well, though, blu. They are a great story.


Thank God it's football season.

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LMMFAO. Only the Mets. I kept watching the game for some stupid reason. Pagan had a great game, and the Mets fought their way back into the game. 9th inning, and the Mets are down 9-6. Pagan leads off with a hard smash down the line that, with Howard playing the line, he misplays. It goes through his legs and Pagan goes all the way to third on the error. Then Castillo comes up and smokes a hard grounder right to the second baseman that Eric Bruntlett muffs. It's 9-7, Castillo on 1st, nobody out. Then Murphy comes up and hits one hard up the middle that Bruntlett actually gets to on a slide, but again he muffs it, with the ball caroming off the heel of his glove. Murphy on 1st, Castillo on 2nd, nobody out, Mets down by 2, and Jeff Francouer stepping into the box.


JUST FOR A SECOND, I entertain the thought that maybe, just MAYBE these unlovable losers will cause the OTHER guys to implode, rather than themselves FOR ONCE! JUST FOR A MOMENT, I thought how nice it would feel to have Lidge blow the save and have the Phils be the ones handed the gut-wrenching loss.


Cue Mets implosion #472:


Francouer works the count to 2-2. Lidge with the pitch, and with nobody out, both runners go on a double steal attempt... Francouer smokes a hard line drive up the middle that WOULD'VE BEEN an RBI single that would've made it 9-8 with nobody out and probably runners on the corners... except that Bruntlett was on the move to cover second base on the steal attempt, and was right there to pick the line drive, step on second base, and tag Daniel Murphy for the unassisted triple play.


Only the Mets could turn a game that were down 6-0 in the first inning, 9-6 to begin the bottom of the 9th, into another mind-blowing implosion... another grandiose loss that puts the LESS in hapless... as well as hopeless, talentless and powerless. Only the Mets could find a way to lose a game by an unassisted triple play. Unbelievable.


This team, for some reason, finds a new way to rip my heart out every game I watch. I have never experienced anything like this in watching professional sports in my entire life. Even through bad Knicks teams.. or the bad Mets teams of the 90's. The Ray Handley Giants were a joy to watch compared to this pathetic bunch.


Shakespeare never wrote a tragedy as sad as this Mets team. And this game was the perfect microcosm of who they are. Our only hope is that Manuel just can't take it anymore and quits, hopefully Minaya, too.


This is the last game I will watch of the 2009 season. I will no longer torture myself. I hope that the Wilpons are happy.

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The Wilpons have to sell this team not because they do not spend money, they have the 2nd highes payroll in the game, but because they chinse everywhere else. The bad luck in terms of injuries to key players is unprecedented and you cannot blame them, but the masking of "we have the 2nd highest payroll" but in turn spending like a small market club on scouting and draft picks is comical. Its almost like we never knew this as the high payroll teams of 2005 to 2008 masked this fact. Its a joke IMO and the Wilpons OF ALL PEOPLE should harken back to the 80's when they were half owners with Doubleday and along with GM Frank Cashen put an emphasis on scouting and development and had such home grown players as Gooden, Strawberry, Dykstra, Backman and made trades for young talent they scouted out in Hojo, Darling, Fernandez, etc.


Its a joke, again I told anyone that would listen that the collapse of 2007 would resonate for a long time, my question now is have we hit rock bottom?sleep.gif

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So what is your guys take on them shutting down Port St. Lucie and moving to the DR?



They have not shut down St Lucie, they withdrew a team from the Arizona fall instructional league and plan on conducting these type things in the DR at some baseball academy that by the looks of the minor league system was a work out center for potential NBAers

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