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Anyone watch the hr derby?


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I watched it all, I thought Cruz and Prince were at a disadvantage at going first then having to wait 2 hours before hitting again, but that didn't seem to be the case.



Crux, at times, got a little impatient and took rips at bad pitches, while Prince waited on his pitch. But Cruz was having fun the whole time, every HR he'd look back at Hamilton and say "like that" and smile.



i felt bad for Indge (spelling) didn't get a single HR.


Expected more from Pujols, but must have been a lot of pressure on him in front of his home crowd. They interviewed him and he seems like a really cool guy, said all the nicknames are cool but hates when people call him the spanish name for The Man because he feels it's disrespectful to musial.


Can't believe Prince had enough in the tank to win, he has a violent swing.

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