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SI.com Top and Bottom 5 owners


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#3: Mara/Tisch Families


Purchase Price: $500

Current Value: $1,178M

W-L: 617-509-33

Winning %: .532

Playoffs: 30

Championships: 7


How much pressure must John Mara and Steve Tisch have felt in late 2005 when their famous fathers, Wellington Mara and John Tisch -- the men who have made the Giants into one of the best-run organizations in professional sports since 1925 -- died within three weeks of each other? Yet the heirs did their fathers proud in continuing the family tradition of class and success, even if they had to make bold moves to do so. That included sticking with often unpopular coach Tom Coughlin, promoting Jerry Reese to GM and believing in Eli Manning as a franchise quarterback. The end result is the success of the current Giants regime, which shocked the undefeated Patriots in 2008 to win Super Bowl XLII, one of the greatest upsets in NFL history.

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Well SI is like any other sports journalism outfit. Their historical perspective only goes back a few years.


Kind of like how they anoint the Steelers the most decorated franchise when the Giants have one more championship on them.

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It isn't the Patriots who are ahead, it is Bob Kraft. Since taking over the team they have been .650 and over the past decade been a contending team each year.



I still want to see him last as long as the Mara family has and win all the championships they have.

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Davis has lot the plot, but not as much as the Lions. The Raiders were in the superbowl a few years back and the AFC champ game the year before. The Lions, zilch.


Dan Snyder is not 3rd worst owner, I mean if that's the criteria, then where's Jones seriously. look at what happened in Dallas last week. The friggin bubble wasn't passed for inspection and now look what happened.


Biscotti in Baltimore is a good choice, he's done a good job legitimizing the Ravens, and you can't argue Lurie either.



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