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What does Lastings Milledge have in common with.....


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Washington Post


Milledge Optioned To Class AAA Syracuse


The Washington Nationals today optioned Lastings Milledge to Class AAA Syracuse, a decision that signals sharp break from the team's commitment to its unreliable but talented center fielder. Just a week ago, the Nationals were counting on Milledge to fill a premier role: He would play center field and bat lead-off. But the 24-year-old's season got off to a troublesome start. He missed a beginning-of-the-year team meeting, misplayed several flyballs, never showed comfort in the field and started off 4-for-24 at the plate.


Just two days ago, Milledge, discussing his slow start, said, "You know you're going to come around. It's just how long it will take and how long they'll keep running you out there and letting you fail. But I know I'm a way better player than what I'm doing now."


Milledge's demotion corresponds with the reemergence of outfielder Elijah Dukes, who slumped in spring training but now has regained his hot bat. Though Washington did not announce a corresponding roster move, Milledge's departure clears room for Dukes to play every day in center field.


More to come on this news soon...



Remember when some were clamoring he would be the next Mets centerfielder!!!

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He certainly looked like the real deal when he was with us. Perhaps he will still work it out in time... but trading him was the right move by Minaya, I can admit when I was wrong. I remember when that trade happened I was pissed. Now, I'm very glad it happened.

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Putting him at leadoff was a dumb move by Acta. I know the Nats such but Guzman is a capable lead off hitter and Milledge has very little leadoff characteristics in him. If you want him at the top, at least put him at 2.

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You are correct.


stellar night tonight Jim, double play after wasting a strike attempting a bunt with a runner on 1st and none out and a meek little grounder to the left side with the bases juiced and 2 outs in the 7th.


But hey he is still hitting 380 :lol:

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