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Kings of Spring

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Not that it really means anything, Im just bored and excited for the season to begin...by the way, the rays were last years GL champs. does this mean the yankees will win the AL? absolutely not, but theyre going to be awesome...Im so fucking psyched.


CC Sabathia aka The Ace of Spades aka Black Sabath gets the nod for the seaosn opener in Baltimore on Monday...its so on.

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I hate spring training, I hate all forms of preseason. You just can't put any stock into it. But, I am anxious, the regular season should have started already. Also, I don't understand why the Yankees aren't starting the season at home? Whatever, Yankee stadium will look real nice on HDTV. Too bad I'll never sit in decent seats ever. Unless I win the lotto or something.

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