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A-Rod disses entire Yankees organization

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If he had just said "I wish he played for our team," I don't think it would be a big deal and you'd really have to be reaching to see it as an insult to Jeter (though the Post probably would've anyway). But to say "I wish he was leading off for us," is an insult to Damon, though I'm sure he didn't mean it that way. He should be smarter than that at this point in his career.


Guess he's still just a naive kid. :)

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No Arod fan but this is ridiculous. The man was merely complementing Reyes as a player. I am sure that jeter, damon and whomever else the Yankees will have lead off this season would love to have him as a teammate as well. I am sure that Reyes would love to have Arod hitting 4th for his team, does not lessen anything about Wright if he says that.


If I were Arod I would tell the press "fuck you I will talk about my 4 at bats a night and anything I did in the field, you can all go fuck a sheep if you want anything else out of me".

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