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According to Ralphie V


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The Giants are close to wrapping up their first free agent of the 2009 offseason: Linebacker Michael Boley.


According to a source familiar with the discussions, the Giants and Boley’s agent have been in contact throughout the day and have agreed to the basic parameters of a deal. It’s not known how many years or how much money is in the contract, but there was a report earlier today that said the Giants were preparing to offer Boley $5 million per year.


Boley, 26, was scheduled to arrive in New Jersey sometime tonight for dinner with coaches and team officials. One source said he could sign the deal as early as tonight, though both sides seemed extremely confident something official would get done before the 6-3, 223-pounder is scheduled to leave tomorrow. At this point, it appears it would take a disastrous first meeting or something surprising in his physical to prevent this deal from happening.


Meanwhile, Seahawks defensive tackle Rocky Bernard arrived a little while ago for his visit with the Giants. He was scheduled to go to dinner with some coaches and team officials tonight, too — though it’s not clear whether he was going with Boley or separately.


The 29-year-old Bernard has tentative plans to make some more visits next week, but a source familiar with his plans said if he likes what he hears from the Giants he could cancel those. The source added that Bernard is not likely to agree to anything with the Giants until at least tomorrow.


Tomorrow, by the way, is when DE Chris Canty is due in town for his free-agent visit. The Bronx native is scheduled to arrive tomorrow night, will do the dinner thing and will be there through Sunday morning. He’s got a visit scheduled for Seattle on Monday, but those plans might change, too. He’s already temporarily postponed visits with the Titans and 49ers.


It’s not clear if Canty is a fall-back option in case the Giants can’t sign Bernard, or vice versa. It’s also not clear if the Giants would be interested in signing both.


And don’t forget, the Giants also expressed interest in DE Antonio Smith. No word yet on whether he’s accepted the Giants’ invitation for a visit.



The Blue Screen

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Yeah, but the only time you are gonna be faster than him is when the dinner bell rings.


Certainly true. 225 is a tad light for a LB. But if he is active in the run defense he seems like the kind of guy we need to cover the RB coming out of the backfield.

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