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This one is the worst


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Orakpo can be as good as Osi thats why we need to get him. He's got way more size and strength than Kiwanuka who did a servicable job at DE with 8.5 sacks but is considered greatly undersized for the position. It is clear that a rotation of De's helped us win the superbowl in 2007 and with 2 guys backing up Osi and Tuck who could be starters on almost any team in the NFL that would be unheard of and bring our pass rush to an insane level.


We dont need to get him since we already have starters at that position.


If the Giants did this move it would be laughable. "You cant have to many pass rushers" yeah but when you only have one LB who is a starter you need to address that problem first.


With Osi back and Tuck starting across from him our pass rush should be up there instead of stalling out like it did this year. Not to mention we will have Kiwi and Toffelson behind them as well to come in and rotate, along with Alford who is a good pass rushing DT. Like I said lets pick up some DE later in the draft who is nothing but a pure pass rusher but lets not trade up for some kid who could be a bust and who might help our D-line if we rotate him in. Are D-line isnt a concern going into next year so lets not make it one. Unless Osi isnt coming along as well as the Giants are putting on I dont want to see a DE/DT till the fourth/fifth.

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