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Shotgun Formation


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I hate to start a new topic on the ineptitude that is Gilbride but I think this warrants special consideration.


How many times in this game did we go into a shotgun formation and consistently threw the ball? I can think of only one time when it was a run. As soon as I saw a shotgun formation I was screaming "IT'S A PASS AND THEY KNOW IT!"


So many of Wards big runs this season came off of shotgun draws. And that was a play Gil called once by my count. It totally ruined whatever doubt the Eagles had in their minds on what was coming.


Ok so maybe they were thinking draw once...maybe even three times...but after awhile even a no-nothing fan like myself knew what was happening.

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What's really funny is, that any idiot that knows a little bit about football can call plays. The NFL tries to make these guys out to be geniuses. Why didn't Manning audible? Or did he? It just seemed, watching the game, that this was the first time they ran this offense. Nobody seemed to know what to do except for Jacobs and Ward.

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I agree with CtBP....this is not rocket science...no matter how much the people involved try to make it out to be. Basically there is supposed to be a quality control coach who is there to analyze our tendencies. Either this person is inept and/or Gilfuck is given the power to override him. I mean until they stop what you are doing consistently well....why stop yourself. Carl Banks put it well...."if you are coloring a picture and black, blue and green are doing the job .....leave fuchsia and maroon in the box....too often the Giants are pulling obscure crayons out of the box when it is not needed as blue, black and green (e.g. Jacobs and the running game) have yet to be stopped".

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