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If Hixon catches that ball...


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That's true and of all the passes to miss, that one was brutal. It changed the complexion of the game. We can be prepared for a lot more pressure on Eli, so hopefully our gameplans (moving forward) will account for that...shorter passes, screens, etc. Then pound the rock and then play action, right now, we're just not in sync

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When I harp on Gillbride, I am not pointing out this one game, i am very willing to concede that execution is the main culprit of yesterdays game, although there were a lot of questionable decisions being made not least of which was our overall game plan.


I harp on Gillbride because every game he seems to make more than a couple calls that seem TO ME to be counter productive. I thought we were throwing the ball too much in the rain in Washington, despite the 8 in the box the Skins showed. I thought we tried too hard to force the passing game yesterday, and thats a theme I think you all can look at throughout the season and see, despite the great offensive numbers, there have been games where our running attack was unstoppable and it seemed Gillbride tried too hard to keep things even in the pass/run catagory. Instead of trying to be balanced when a team has shown they can't stop our run, keep running, and when they sneak up and put 8 in the box, then start throwing the ball more.


But, the results thus far of this season has spoken for itself, and honestly i am probly being too picky, trying to find a fault in an otherwise terrific team, but thats my priority, and i am not alone in my findings.

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