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What makes the Giants such a great team


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Peter King giving his top 10 MVP Candidates:


I've given this one a lot of thought, and if I had to pick the most deserving MVPs, 1 through 10, it would be: Kurt Warner, Matt Ryan (your argument, Jason, is an excellent one), Jason Campbell (despite an awful game last night), Drew Brees, Joey Porter, Jake Delhomme, Kris Jenkins, Chris Johnson, Ben Roethlisberger, Justin Tuck. Number 10, Tuck, is a compromise pick, because there isn't one obvious Giant but rather five or six of them (Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, David Diehl, Tuck, Fred Robbins, Antonio Pierce) who are deserving of great credit for the Giants being the best team in football.
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one word that makes the Giants such a great team.





Thats my thought. What the Giants have besides obvious talent, is that team unity and aura about it. Its much more than just a great bunch of players, its chemistry from head to toe.

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Good ole # 13, or "floppy thumbs" as we'll refer to him. Yeah, held onto a football like it was nobodys business.

He's doin well though, ya gotta give it to him.

he's a cagy old vet who knows he has caught lightning in a bottle- Leinhardt's a screw up, great receivers, terrible division. like cunningham in '98

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