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Gameball Nominees


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Offensive line. When your 3 RBs combine for a 7.3 YPC, the lowest of the three being 5.7, that is some great Oline play. The guards were making their pulls perfectly. Both Snee and Seubert should be considered Pro Bowl candidates if they keep what they did today up.


Aaron Ross. In the Cinci game Palmer got the ball out quick on short passes that were turned into long gains. Hasselbeck tried to do the same but Ross was in there repeatedly to stop them short. When that was taken away from them and their ground game was going nowhere the game was over.



I'd also like to apologize to Dockery. I was real hard on him for his play in the first three games but he stepped it up. And I was thinking that before the INT.

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Eli gets the ball in my opinion, god dam he came out like a man possessed and some of those deep balls were things of BEAUTY.


The O-line gets my runner up award just awesome, awesome play today and doing it with McKenzie(sp) out of the game.


People who got a nod from me:


Manningham for his first reception of his career


Moss for finally getting a chance to play and showing what he can do


Ross for being the secondary beast of the game.

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