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Meesy situation for Mark Ingram


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7 years is a way too steep I mean wtf? look at the more serious Offenses that other people make and they get 1-2 years with probation . I Wounder what the other previous sentences were?



anyway its sad to see a Former Superbowl Winning Giant in this position.

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I think he had four previous run ins along the same lines as his current offense. Plus all four times he played the contrition game and spoke about how his life had finally changed. He also played up his role model image; so this was probably a hammering for those past breaks. Judges don't like to be played for Patsies. Unfortunately Mark has an addiction and until he hits rock bottom (long jail term might be it) he will never change. This might be very therapeutic for him.

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Addiction is a BITCH....some of my clients will have you believing they are John the Baptist as they rob you blind or crack you across the head for the last five dollars you need for a life saving operation. They actually and sincerely think while actively addicted that your money is their money. One client drinks her breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday with a belly so large from a cirrhosis of the liver that she looks pregnant. But after spending all of her money she will come to my office not for therapy, to talk or to say that she has seen the light. No she will come in and ask for some of my hard earned so she can buy something to eat. And get mad when the answer is no. I have to devote a two hour lecture at the beginning of each academic year to telling my student interns that under no uncertain terms are you to give a blessed penny to any one. No matter what the sob story.

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