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Mets history and trivia


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David Wright has 103 RBI's this season, Carlos Beltran has 96 RBI's, and Carlos Delgado has 95 RBI's. It is a near certainty that the two Carlos' will reach the 100 RBI plateau this year. If so, the Mets will have 3 players with over 100 RBI's in a season... a rare accomplishment! In fact, only 3 times in Mets history has it happened. In 2006, Delgado (114), Wright (116), and Beltran (116) also performed the feat. Prior to that, the 1999 Mets had 3 players top 100 RBI's, and it had never happened before in all of Mets history. Without looking, WHO were the 3 players that made it happen that year? '


*Bonus* A fourth Met came within 4 RBI's of 100 that year, and that is the closest the Mets have ever come to 4 players with 100 RBI in the same season. Name the 4th Met!

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