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Ollie P.


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Why is it so out of the realm of possibility to think that the Mets might actually re-sign him? Alou and Delgado are off the books as will be El Duque and Pedro. Thats a ton of money right there. I know he is maddeningly inconsistent at times and I know he tends to be a headcase, but for the better part of 2 years now he has been better more often than bad. 25 year old lefties that throw 90+ MPH do ot grow on trees.


On a side note here is an interview on WFAN with Dan Warthen Warthen


Listen to the part where he talks about correcting Randy Johnsons walk problems in 1993. Very interesting when you consider that he seems to be doing the same with Perez, another hard throwing herky jerky type mechanics lefty. Not to say OP is anyway near RJ, but similar in style anyway.

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Do you guys remember when we thought Rick "the genius" Peterson had him all fixed up. I think a pitching coach's message wears off on him after a little bit of time. He stops paying attention. It happened in Pitt. It happened with RP and it will happen with Warthen. Ollie will always be that inconsistant scatter brain we have seen since he arrived here.

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