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This about this??


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In 2006 Eli Mannings last pass of the year was a touchdown to Plaxico Burress in a 23-20 wildcard playoff game. He threw the pass with 5 and change left only to proceed to watch the defense allow Philly to hold the ball to the end and set up for a game winning fg. Ultimately his last pass of the 2006 season was a touchdown.


In 2007 Eli Mannings last pass was probably his most famous one, no need to recount it. Touchdown to Plaxico Burress.


Thus here is my question. Does anyone think a player has ended to consecutive seasons where his last pass was a TD and if so was that TD to the very same player both years?



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Well... if not... I'm sure the NFL statisticians that beat off to every "who the fuck cares?" stat in the world will let us know about it 100 times next season.



"Oh my god... did you know... that Cincinnatti... when quarterbacked by Carson Palmer... uninjured... is 14-24 when leading by a TD in the fourth? Pass me the Jergens!"

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Are we going to go on his last pass or his last play? Because his last play was the "Victory Formation". If his last play was the TD, it would be an interesting fact but since it was not, I don't think it is worth to consider.

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