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Hey Midas...

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haha i knew that's what this thread would be about as soon as i saw "hey midas". i disagree w/ them being dead last though, sure they are playing like crap but when they are tied with the rangers and pirates and one game behind the royals and nats i think the 89 win team who just missed a 3rd straight playoff appearance should get the benefit of the doubt. the braves have one more win and they are 15 spots ahead and play in a worse division. blue jays are only 1 win better and are 22nd. same goes for the astros (18), mariners (19), twins (23)--all with only two more wins and all with less wins than the pads last year. im not worried about them, the offense was bad last year too--the difference this year is the bullpen--particularly hoffman. the sooner is he demoted and heath bell becomes the closer, the sooner they get on track. hoffman is responsible for at least 4 losses by himself. and khalil greene has a hr already so i dont know what they are talking about there

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