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So Cal played giants vs pack last week on Madden, and that gave me an idea. How about all of us with Madden play vs the pats in AZ? Set your rosters up accordingly. I just got the PS3 so I'm still learning, i've tinkered with that game but can't find a realistic enough setting. I had it on all pro and was leading 35-28 after the first quarter at 15 minute quarters. I'm gonna go with all madden and 7 minute quarters, maybe tinker with the ai to keep the scoring down.




So, everyone play madden vs the Pats in AZ, and report the score and stats along with the quarter leangth and level you played on.

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I used to play on the PS2...then went to the Xbox and now I'm on the 360 and it's all the same once I get used to it. I do like my 360 though because everyone I know who plays Madden has one so we all usually get together, thats when I may or may not lose in Madden.

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