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If steroid use meant winning a title.

Virginia Giant

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Would I be mroally wrong if I flew down and injected the entire Rangers pitching staff and several fielders with roids while they slept?










Seriously, does anyone really care? Would anyone give back any world series titles if they found out a large portion of their winning teams were juiced?




This isn't a stab at the Yanks, though I do relish the fact it will be hard for them to want to * Bonds. This is pointed more to Sox fans and other fans. If Manny, Papi, etc were on that list, would you guys want to give back those trophies?

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i've been a big sports fan for 14 years and none of my fav teams have won a championship during that span--i'll take it however i can get it.


i figured brown was using, and now it's confirmed, but that doens't change the 98 NLDS game 1 performance for me--it's still the greatest game i've ever watched and the most fun i've ever had as a sports fan--i can't retroactively go back to that point in time in my mind and take away the enjoyment i got from that game, it's just not possible IMO

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