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Spread Offense


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*Every week, as soon as we go to the spread offense, it's like Eli's whole game changes and he can see the entire field. I don't know if we are trying to lull the other team to sleep with our crap play calling the rest of the time. But, it would be nice to open up a game with the spread offense, grab a lead and then ram it down their throats with Jacobs the rest of the game.


*The goal line play calling remains awful (even with Eli 2 missed passes to Shockey). The first drive, it seemed the first 2 plays wre supposed to be redemption for Droughns not getting in on the 35 yard run. A run in which he has to fight harder to score on that play. Again, all it takes is a little deception on the goal line and we deceive noone with the run, run, pass selection.


*We dodged a bullet on the last 4th down Philly play. I think the pierce got there a bit early but no call was made.

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I can totally understand why the Giants were playing it safe. The Eagles are a good team... especially on defense. We knew it was going to be a close game. Coming out with 3 points beats the hell out of an INT any day. This game was a chess match for field position.

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If someone is bored, can they research the Giants 1st down playcalls when we get inside the five? It seems we always run it, then when that fails, we play action pass it, then we run again when that fails.


It's pathetic, the team is so predictable in the red zone. Even the other parts of the game. If we ran for nothing on first, we were certainly passing on second. If we threw an incompletion on first, we were certainly running on second.


Gilbride is an idiot.

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I was absolutely screaming for jacobs on that goalline drive where Ruben failed on the long run. I know TC's "thing" is to run the backuop at the goalline, but no realon in a game of this magnitude you don't have the 260 lbs beast, who started his career as a goalline back, in the game.




The missed pass to Shockey by Eli was horrible.

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