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So when does Zeke get the axe?


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I just saw that score tonight and that is pretty embarrassing for the Knicks. Actually it's pretty pathetic but when does he get the axe? I do not follow much NBA basketball but with the embarrassing summer and with this terrific team, you would think management would get sick of it already.

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haha i dont think you meant 'terrific'


isiah will get fired when someone who dolan presumably respects (his father, maybe stern?) puts pressure on him to do it. the guy is obsessed with being right and will stubbornly keep isiah to prove it. he did the same thing with glen sather.


also, as bad as that score is, it's against one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the game, dolan will be more than happy to accept that as an excuse.


as for the lawsuit, it wouldn't be right to fire isiah based on that until the appeal. i stand by my original opinion that she definitely has a case for wrongful termination, but an extremely weak case for sexual harrassment. i expect that the appeal--which will not garner as much media coverage and will therefore be a more fair hearing--will reverse the original decision in part (the sexual harrassment damages) and affirm the wrongful termination claim. i would imagine Dolan's lawyers feel the exact same way, otherwise they never would've let this case see a courtroom.


the truth is this lawsuit means shit. do any of us view the knicks basketball team any differently because of the lawsuit? sure the media does, cuz it's a story, but what knick fan (unless they are looking for more reasons to pile on isiah) is really allowing this verdict to affect their thoughts on this franchise one way or the other?

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Stephen A. Smith, that basketball "expert", blamed this mess on Scott Layden!


It was Thomas who brought in Marbury, and that was his first mistake. It was Thomas who traded TWO first round picks for a fat, no rebounding, no defense playing center who recently has forgotten how to score. It's a matter of time before Randolph gets himself in trouble off the court, although I do like him so far. Thomas is 10-25 since signing a contract extension at the end of last season. His record before the extension wasn't much better. His resume with the Pacers and CBA wasn't much better. I can only wonder what it is that Thomas has on Dolan that gives this guy immunity from the axe. He has made one of the NBA's flagship franchises, and one of the most important, one that the NBA needs to be successful, THE laughingstock of the league.


Did you see the smirk on his face when the Garden booed him mercilessly last night?? I hate this piece of shit!

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