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Bout to jump on the negative bandwagon if...


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I hate these pessimistic fans. Like I said, I think the Giants will go 10-6 or 11-5, but Plax is saying his ankle is the worst its ever been and its starting to show. If we lose Plax for any extended period of time we are in MAJOR trouble. The injury curse might be around the corner for our beloved G-Men.

There goes my fantasy team.

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If Plax really goes down soon for good then I would say the Giants are officially cursed with injury luck. The only people that absolutely can not get hurt for us to have a successful season are Manning and Burress pretty much. Even Ward proved effective when Jacobs went down. Plax is only one of 2 essential pieces right now. We have no depth here. We need him to grind this one out.

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