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Strength of our


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lookig at our schedule:


I like to break it down into 4 quarters. (I think Coughlin did this last year )


1st quarter we are now 2-2


2nd quarter we can go 4-0


3rd quarter we can go 2-2


4rth quarter we can go 2-2


with a grand total of 10-6 should be a good record to get into the playoffs.


wild card for sure but One team we will need to beat is Detroit or maybe we can start the second week of the playoffs if we can beat Dallas and run the table with philly and Washington also with hopes that Dallas runs out of gas or hits a road loaded with potholes.


One team we will need to beat is Detroit when

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looking at it I really think we can be a 10 win team. with that said, how do we stop the cowboys?



After Sunday night, I dont know what to think. Ill tell ya this though, If our D can somehow keep that level of play for the rest of the year we will win alot of games.

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