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Rangers Could've had Beckett


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I may be in the minority here, but I was against trading Blalock then, and looking back, 'd still be against it. Would have been nice to have a rotation with Beckett and Young, but thems the breaks. Blalock to me, is the same as Mike Young, he's one of the faces of the orginization and hopefully after he heals up he'll return to his all star form. Hank and Mike have been my favorite players since they have been rangers (big league team), and for me it would be on par with the Yanks trading Jeter.


Now, I am not in love with JD, but this season he appears to have made some good moves, Brandon was really coming on before the injury and we got a guy who's been going 6 ip 3er for Gagne. :ph34r:


PS: millwood has been hot lately too.

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