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Dragon's game review


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Too many penalties... too many injuries...


QB: Eli Manning looked good except for a few plays, but I'll accept 10-13 114 yards and 1 TD in one half against the best D in the league any day of the week. Stayed cool under pressure and did a good job getting away from the grasp of a D-Lineman. Again I would've liked to see Shockey involved earlier and more often. Best Play: Pass to Shockey/TD Pass to Smith (Both great plays. Can't decide which is better). Lorenzen looked ok... not great, but not terrible either. Good scrambles, but passes could've been better. Anthony Mix should've had a TD on the long pass from Lorenzen, but due to a bad throw and a missed Defensive PI that didn't happen. Best Play: Every scramble for a first down. TH... I honestly didn't pay much attention to him. Nothing against him... it's just that my cousin showed up when he took over and I was outside talking to him while TH was QBing. I did manage to catch a nice scramble for a 1st down. Best play: Scramble for first down in 4th qtr.


RB: Jacobs... I still can't make a good assessment of his play. I know how good that he can be, but it looks (at times) like he's running too cautiously... and then he gets pissed off and runs over 90% of the defense. Best play: 14 yard run while bulldozing defenders for a 1st down. Droughns Didn't do anything special. Ward looked alright. Grant looks like he really wants to get on the field and stay on the field. Bradshaw had a great all around game. 7 carries for 70 yards. Best Play: 43 yard run.


Receivers: WTF!? Toomer dropped a pass! That's okay. He redeemed himself (with me at least) with a great effort on a 3rd and long even though we didn't get the first. Tough break for Jennings. He was looking good, and I really want to see him succeed. Smith looked good until Ed Reed decided that he wanted the game to become a WWE match. I wanted to see Moss but the injury kept him out of the game. With Jennings out, Mix has a chance to step up and make a name for himself. I hope that he does well. GET SHOCKEY INVOLVED, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


O-Line: Played well against a great defense. I want to kick Kareem McKenzie in the nuts for letting a DE run right around him and sack Eli. Had Eli gotten hurt we would've been in deep shit. Other than that the O-Line did a good job.


Defense: Can't really focus on one particular group as I'm not that observant, but Overall I think that we played well. I saw a big improvement over the defense that I saw against the Panthers, but once again, I can't make a fair assessment on them until I see them in a regular season game. I'm still a little worried about the secondary, especially now that Madison and Demps (more for depth reasons than anything else) have gone down with injuries. But hey, Madison's injury gives Webster and Ross a huge chance to make a statement. Kiwi... I honestly only saw him once or twice... and he was causing havoc in the backfield. I didn't see Osi doing much. Good game overall.


ST: One game doesn't tell the story... but I wish it did. Huston has a leg! Great punt coverage, kickoff coverage could've been better.



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Agreed on most all you say, adding that David Diehl was gettin owned by Suggs. Didnt make me too happy, but I think overall Diehl will be fine. I was surprised Kareem let that happen, but thats a mean D they were facing.


Overall, gave me a good feeling for the upcoming season, but we'll see.

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