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Fuck Nomaas!!


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Once again theyve plagiarized me, this is the 4th time this season. A while back on another message board, one that many of the nomaas staff and posters read, there was a Joba Chamberlain thread and in that thread I said I was going to wear a rastafarian wig and yell Joba like Shabba Ranks after every strike out. I look at that horrible site today and theyre claiming it was theirs. Please look at the date of my post



06-29-2007, 09:33 AM

Count Bozackula

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Im going to wear a dread lock wig to his games and shout out Joba everytime he strikes some one out like Shabba Ranks yells "Shabba"

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The only thing good about Nomaas is the farks. The forums are infested with cock suckers who think their shit dont stink. Heaven forbid you should have a different opinion on something different then the 3rd Reich over there does.

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