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2007 yankees are much different

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Paul Oneal was twice the player that Abreu or Sheffield are because he was a true Yankee


Id take Scott Brosius any day over A-rod becuase he was a TRUE yankee


I'll take Chuck Knoblauch over Cano (I like Cano though)


Take Bernie over Damon any day


Take Jeff Nelso or Mike Stanton over Farnsworth




The point is we are almost out of true Yankees...








Giambi is almost a true yankee...probly the next closest


A-Rod will be a true Yankee as soon as he gets a big hit in the playoffs

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Throwing woes aside, I do miss Knobby.


That was weird, what happened to Knoblauch. He got the yips pretty much overnight, and it ended his career.


We had Mackey Sasser and his inability to stop tapping his mitt with the ball 2 or 3 times before he threw the ball back to the pitcher. Delayed steals all day long. Drove me mad.

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