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Kiwi switching to linebacker


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Wondering why the Giants didn't draft a linebacker yesterday? It's because they feel like they don't need one. GM Jerry Reese just confirmed in his post-draft press conference Mathias Kiwanuka will switch from defensive end to linebacker. In fact, Reese said Kiwanuka, last year's first-round pick, is slated to be the starter on the strong side right now. It's an idea they've been kicking around since January and are prepared to move forward on right now.


Reese said Gerris Wilkinson, last year's third-round pick, and Kawika Mitchell, a recent free-agent signing, will compete for the starting job on the weak side.



I cannot believe this.


another article



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I love the part where Reese comments on Marshall's (RB) that they drafted concerning an underage drinking rap: Marshall is going to be put on a short leash "we can't have guys disrupting things here". :o:huh: Well then you are going to have to get rid of 4 or 5 veterans who specialize in disruption. Sometimes I wonder if people really think about what they are going to say before they say it. He would have been better off with boilerplate like: "thats all behind him right now" or something to that effect.

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