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This is just a simple toturial in how to make an image reflect. This is for you to practice until you feel more confident in your reflection skills.


Step 1: Start with a dark BG and type something in white. For this tutorial I typed "reflection."




Step 2:From there duplicate the "reflection" layer.




Step 3:Now highlight the duplicated "reflection" layer, right click and select rasterize.




Step 4: Then go to Edit and select Free transport (or Ctrl+T)




Step 5: A box should appear around the "reflection" word. Now grab (by holding down your left button on your mouse) the top center box and flip it down.




Step 6: Use the arrows buttons on your keyboard to move the highlighted layer, so that both layer are touching. Double click the box to remove it. (you can't anything else if you leave the Box on) and it should look something like this:




Step 7:From there you can either lower the opacity on your copy layer, or use your eraser brush.




it should look like this...




If you like this tutorial please register and let us know.

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My 30 day trial ran out :(


hey for shits and giggles try to reset you're computer clock to 30 days ago


it works for me with leapFTP for up loading to mywebsite I change it back to 2004 and it says I have -375 days left on my 30 day trial LOL I change the clock I upload the updates then reset the clock

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