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Does anyone have acces to the rest of this article?


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Here's what the rest of the article said:




Whatever Nem. I know he isnt gonna start all year. But I hope he comes in for more plying time and is successfull. Ya know why I like him, because he's a "FOOTBALL PLAYER." Is he the best athlete on the feild, no. But he seems to always be by the play when he's on the feild, he's young so he;s hungry and knows that at anytime he could be gone. Somaybe knowing that it'll pushhim to be a better player. Every year he's been with us he's been beyond good inthe pre-season. nd when his name's been called he's done, for the better part, he's shown up. So Im hoping he progresses into what we've been looking for since Armstead. :flex:

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