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Rangers V Devs


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Know him, love him, get used to him beating your sorry ass :P


Know him,Love him, get use to him beating the shit out of your players



Non the less that game was amazing too bad you guys had to win on a boneheaded play by Karel, hopefully tonights game will render a different outcome

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Hard to believe it's the end of the season series already. It's

also hard to believe that the Rangers, once again, suck as bad

as they do with all those big name players on their team. I'd say

they're like the Yankees of hockey, but the Yankees usually

at least have a winning record. What a sorry sack of shit of a team

the Rangers are, and I loved that 4 game ass-kicking the Devils

gave them in the playoff last year. The most memorable moment

was when Jagr went to throw a cheap-shot at Gomez, missed,

and fucked up his shoulder. :LMAO:

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