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  1. The reason that the first line was out there was because they iced the puck and where unable to change their line, I would have had Betts Ortie and Isibister out there for the final minute but hey what are you going to do. We have showed that in no way is Buffalo a better team than us, the Isibister call was a bunch of BS, but Ryan Miller threwhis arms up in the air and they made the call. The best team will prevail I am not that worried(as long as we can get a fair game call, which seems to be very hard to find) the hardest part is the wait.
  2. They are not nearly as good as their record indicates, I think that this was apperant from the Icalander series. It seems as though when you get traffic infront of Miller he falls apart, also they are very fast and it seems as though that can kill them the Isles had alot of odd man chancers because the Sabres defensemen pinched in alot on the plays. If we can get the lead early we should be fine. Rangers in 6
  3. What are you going to do, my hate Ilya Kovalchuck grew alot tonight, he is a little herb, he coudl not even drop his gloves with Avery. WWAD
  4. I was at the game, it was an amazing atmosphere..one more to go don't get ahead of yourselfs, some dumb penalty calls. On a side note the women behind would not shut the hell up and she was not even talking about hockey,some business problem
  5. ? it has always been like that....atleast as far as I can remember, also there is an off day between games 4 and 5 there is no off day between 3 and 4 because the Knicks are playing on monday at the Garden. Also no off day for 6 and 7, hopefully it won't go that far.
  6. I was at the game, it was crazy. Second time he has got knocked out, Mike Keanen does not undertsand why they put him in the lineup
  7. I think it might be alittle bit worse, I mean he swung right in front of Hollies face. He would have been up alittle bit higher Hollie might have a problem with his eyes.
  8. Know him,Love him, get use to him beating the shit out of your players Non the less that game was amazing too bad you guys had to win on a boneheaded play by Karel, hopefully tonights game will render a different outcome
  9. I apologize that I have not been around lately,school has been a pain in the ass, I should be back for awhile.
  10. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=195532&hubname= The Minnesota Wild and New York Rangers have swapped wingers. The Wild send Pascal Dupuis to the Rangers in exchange for Adam Hall. Dupuis, 27, has played 334 career games with the Wild, recording 141 points. This season, the 6-foot, 196-pounder has 10 goals, 13 points and is minus-7 in 48 games. Hall, 26, has collected 12 points and is minus-13 in 49 games with the Rangers this season. The 6-foot-3, 205-pound forward was acquired from Nashville last summer, in exchange for Dominic Moore. Hall has 97 points in 293 career games. Hall is earning $975,000 this year and will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season. Dupuis is making $798,000 and will be an unrestricted free agent. "This is something that we've wanted for some time," said Wild assistant GM Tom Lynn in a statement. "Because the element of grit is not widely available in the trade market, we feel we are getting a player that brings more of that physical element while New York is getting more of a penalty killer. Having that toughness is definitely needed in a playoff push."
  11. They seem to be playing strong after the break, it is nice to see the hustle again. I am also very impressed by Daniel Girardi, Karel Rachunek=Ozo The BozoII. Maybe Prucha has gotten his feet under him...we will see it is going to be a dog fight to the finish.
  12. I know this might be corny for some of you but check this out. http://www.myspace.com/apfans58
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