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  1. To the Phillies for Harper straight up
  2. Damn it! Supposedly he didn't have much impact for the Eagles because it was too late in the season to learn the playbook or some shit. Still as bad as the Lions are, they were much worse without him.
  3. And no word a lie, I broke it skating on some shitty plywood halfpipe ON COLUMBUS DAY when I was in 11th grade
  4. I honestly meant to include that I don't wish injury on anybody. He's a fucking clown, but he's a young guy and seems like he might be bi-polar or something. Hopefully it's not too bad, but its reminiscent of when I broke my ankle and my foot was turned around backward,
  5. Is ODB the biggest doosh diva WR of all time?? I can imagine TO watching him play and thinking "wow, pretending to pee like dog after a TD, wish I had thought of that!!"
  6. Shit, gotta drop poodle-head ODB from my fantasy team, that was a bad injury
  7. Could be me, I tend to rub people the wrong way. At any rate, that game was fucking tedious as hell and exhausting to watch.
  8. Just curious, who covers the shoe rental counter at Rutherford Lanes when McAdoodle's on the road??
  9. Couldn't believe they reversed the TD to Shepherd, then ruled that obvious TD catch as "going to the ground". Don't get that rule at all but whatevs!!
  10. Where did that pick up that kweer?? He shanked the punt, pulled off his helmet to unveil gay 14 year old boy haircut, then prissily sat on the bench, and instead if putting a towel over his head, looked to be checking out his tan.
  11. I gotta start walking around with a scowl like that. Not sure if it would fly at work, home, or in general, but I bet people would leave me the fuck alone (or maybe have me committed).
  12. Well I get the game crystal clear and its been taking a shit all day!
  13. ODB needs to be suspended for a couple weeks and spend some time in a therapeutic environment to sort things out. The guy is mentally ill or something.
  14. well at least you picked up one last win against my sorry ass.
  15. fuck, I got SMOKED, from first to worst. Decent week Jerc, but I wasnt remotely competitive. I had to replace d jackson with gints receiver r randle, and both he and jeremy hill couldnt muster more than 2 pts.
  16. the papyrus scroll calendar on the wall of your cave doesnt send reminders or have alarms?
  17. yeah putting it on my calendar with an alarm was the only reason I didnt forget.
  18. ok, feel a little better about my geriatric and too white WR corps then. Cant blame it on using the yahoo app on my phone, it actually works quite well.
  19. i fucking whiffed on ODB, had him queued and didnt realize he was still there
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