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Brian Leonard


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He should be the only RB you guys should be interested in...Him and BJ in the back field at the same time :clap::clap: That makes the most powerful run game in the NFL!!!

He can probably play 3 spots on offense RB, FB & TE...... unfortunatley none of them solve the now gaping hole at OLT.

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I really hope a 2nd round OT isnt our starting LT next year :unsure:

How about our 4'th round pick from last year? :yikes: :freaked:


Seriously, if Wimpher was drafted as insurance/to make Luke expendable if he can't stay healthy... would you think that he could step in at LT or do you think that he would start at guard and work himself into it or shift Kareem over..... I think that Kareem is big enough but not fast enough to be a LT and as much as I like him I don't want Diehl at LT..... just look at the Eagles playoff game..... happy feet, no thanks.

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