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Can this Idiot we have as a Coach


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It's put up or shut up time, TC go to your coaches and tell them to make a game plan that will work or else your outa here Huffyboy I am sick of this guy always passing the buck. He started Eli too soon and ruined the Kid, he let the Defense play the Lewis way the first three games and put us in hole!!! He is still letting that asshole Huffyboy calling the wrong plays inside the 20 and blowing games. Time to pull all your heads out of your ass, and let look back and say to the team, WHO KNOCKED YOU OUT OF THE PLAYOFF'S LAST YEAR, THIS IS PAY BACK TIME. :furious:

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You guys are going to beat me to Dallas I bought a hat with a star on it today. What do you say the gint's will win at CP, kick there ass and all aboard, then we get in the playoffs and beat cicago and the cowgirls



I read this three times and it still makes no sense. Take your cowboy hat, get on your horse and get outta here.

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I don't have a horse and I don't like texas that jackass George B comes from there. I want to know are you a bad girl or just looking for one? Panther's are going down hard !!!!

Just like you do, on Friday nights, wearing your Cowboy hat, with your "Big John" doll.

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