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The fake end-around handoff up the middle.


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Every team has this play. The reciever fakes an end around while the RB runs up the middle.



Every team runs it.



I've never seen it gain more than three yards. I can't figure out why every team has it, and every team runs it.



I saw it twice in the Dallas game. Once it went for three, once for one.





Has anyone... ANYONE... ever seen this play gain more than three yards?

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yea just a few minuets ago but brees faked to mcallister who ran up the middle as bush ran the corner and then brees threw to mcaliter for about eight yards. Only superior chest capacity caver inners like the saints can pull it off though

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What it does is set up the actual end around. You run the fake with a handoff up the middle, then the defense is less likely to stay home the next time they see it when you run the end around. The same for any fake reverse.

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