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Anyone remember the Voltron clucthing the Cowboys pic? (Bledsoe and Julius Jones)

Does anyne have it? If so, please post. And secondly, it would be nice for any of you photo shop freaks to replace Bledsoe with Romo. :LMAO:

And remove 3 of Voltrons limbs.

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I don't care. Voltron is a representation of our teams spirit and dominance. The Voltron heads have been replaced, but the definition still remains. Fuck Romo.

Whoa, what games have you been watching? If that what represents our defense, fuck Voltron! It aint working.

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Oh, cry me a river....

The Defense, albeit not once what it was, isn't playing too bad. It would help if the offense would help them to not be on the field for 40 minutes.

Yeah, I'll give you that one. But still doesn't explain our swish cheese secondary.

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