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tim lewis better get creative tonight!


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tim lewis can prove something to us tonight. i want to see what kind of game he can call with a "patchwork" defense. while the bears are not the colts by any means, i am still a bit worried due to the injury situation. i wanna see tl mix it up a bit tonight using some exotic blitz schemes, and giving different looks. i just hope he doesn't play conservative, i think that would be the wrong approach. grossman will make mistakes if he's under pressure. if our front four is not getting it done, he must find other ways to bring the pressure. i have talked a lot of shit about lewis, rightfully so, but he has certainly changed my opinon as of late, and if he can find a way to make this defense work tonight i will be really impressed.

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God I hope not...


I want them to get into Rex's face as much as possible...fuck with those "mechanic issues"..get some turnovers

Honestly, since the Giants insist on playing Emmons we need to keep him in coverage if he's on the field, he sucks at rushing the passer. I'd like to see plenty of blitzes up the middle with Pierce and Torbor. I'm pretty sure we will see Kiwanuka blitz as a LB with Robbins or Joseph playing DE.

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