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we are 1-0... that doesn't mean shit yet

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i agree. i actually like carpenter pitching at shea better. now that means he can't pitch at home at all in the series which is big for us. if we win tonight and beat carpenter, i can't see us losing this series. i really can't, though notbhing's impossible. did anyone read pujols' quote in newsday? he said glavine wasn't good and got lucky. f*ck him, het gets shut down and cries about it, instead of tipping his cap. i know the guy is the best hitter in the game, but he should show a little respect. what is glavine supposed to do? not allow any runners on base the entire game? sure we bailed him out a couple of times, but that's how the game works. he would have been our number 3 pitcher in the playoffs, if we hadn't had the injuries. i hope we walk pujols now almost every time, just to piss him off.

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The bats do need to wake up, but Maine can step up and pitch a gem tonight.


It is not beyond his capability to shut'em down

yeah, but I don't really expect the Cards to be too happy about last night, so they're going to come out hitting (or atleast tring to)... as for us we need more than a HR by Beltran

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